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QuivAR™: Revolutionize Your Archery Experience

See what you're missing!
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Experience Archery Shot & Target Analysis like Never Before with QuivAR™

For the first time ever, archers can elevate their skills with QuivAR™, the revolutionary app that uses augmented reality (AR) to provide anatomically correct 3D targets (Quiver-Enabled X-RAY Series targets offered by Delta McKenzie and BIGshot Targets). Improve your accuracy with just your bow, arrows, and smartphone—no extra gear required!

Key Features:

Why QuivAR™?

Innovative Technology:

Our patent-pending AR technology provides insights that traditional targets cannot offer.

Realistic Practice:

Experience anatomically correct animal models and learn to aim for vital areas, simulating real hunting scenarios.

Easy to Use:

Simply use your smartphone to get started — no additional equipment needed.

Join the Future of Archery 

Download QuivAR™ now and take the first step towards becoming a better archer. Discover what you’ve been missing and elevate your archery game with our cutting-edge AR technology.

QuivAR™: See What You're Missing!
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