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What's Next for QuivAR?

We are working hard to advance archery in exciting new ways-Here's a preview of what's ahead!

Have you ever wondered... 
  • Was my shot truly an ethical kill shot or is there a better angle for this animal?

  • Is there a way to automatically score and track my archery progress?

  • Is shooting at surface ASA rings helping my muscle-memory for ethical hunting shot placement?

  • How many arrows did I shoot last week, last month, last year, or my bow's lifetime?

  • Are my arrow groupings improving or declining?​

  • Am I shooting more arrows than my peers and am I more consistent?

  • Is my new release helping or hurting my performance?​


We have big plans for QuivAR's technology, take a look at where we could go next!

Step 01:

Shoot your bow!

You don’t need to change anything for QuivAR- Use your current archery setup as is - just shoot your own bow and arrows at any target!


3D Archery Target


Augmented Reality (AR) Deer Anatomy
Step 02:

Scan your target

After your shot, simply walk to your target as normal. Before pulling your arrows use your QuivAR™ app to take a quick photo-like scan of your results (arrows + target).

Step 03:

Analyze & Track

  • Post shot:
    Analyze your shot placement later- at the truck or back in your home. All data is stored for future analysis (including anatomy overlay and shot statistics).
  • 2D or 3D:
    QuivAR is useful for shooting and tracking both 2D and 3D shots- from a simple bag or block target to Olympic Ring paper targets to 3D animal targets- QuivAR adjusts to any target and will track your progress and metrics.
  • Realtime:
    Analyze your shot placement realtime - in AR, while in-front of your target. If shooting at a 2D or 3D animal target, QuivAR can automatically overlay & scale lifelike 3D internal anatomy, specific to your species, to help you visualize what would be your arrows' internal shot trajectory. Optionally, you can score your shots off of pre-determined 'internal anatomy points' (vs surface IBO or ASA rings).
  • What if the NFC tap works, but the QuivAR marker doesn't scan?
    First, make sure your camera can view the marker—it might be hiding in plain sight! If it's still giving you the slip, contact the QuivAR support team below and send a video of the chip and scan experience. We'll help you track down that elusive marker in no time!
  • Does the QuivAR app work with iPad?
    Not yet! Currently, Apple iPads don't natively support NFC chip reading and authentication (like Apple Pay). But don't worry! You can still join the fun by using a third-party "plug-in" NFC reader for the iPad, or simply switch to an iPhone.
  • What is the future of the QuivAR app?
    The future is exciting for QuivAR! We recorded a podcast about what is next. You can listen to the episode on any of your favorite listening platforms:
  • What if the anatomy appears to be for the wrong target (e.g., I have a Grizzly Bear, but the anatomy looks like a turkey)?
    First, try to "Scan a Different Target" or "Re-scan"—maybe the bear and turkey had a mix-up at the AR zoo! If it’s still showing the wrong anatomy, contact the QuivAR support team below and send a screenshot or video of the anatomy placement, making sure to include the product's title on the screen. We’ll sort out this wild mismatch!
  • What if I accidently shot and damaged the QuivAR chip on the target?
    Oops! Looks like you need to keep practicing! No worries—just contact the QuivAR support team below and include an image of the product along with the make and model of the target. We’ll help you get back on target in no time!
  • How do I subscribe and download the QuivAR Archery App Podcast?
    You can listen to the QuivAR podcast on any of your favorite listening platforms:
  • What if the target anatomy placement isn't correct or is a little off?
    First, try to rescan—the anatomy might just need a second look! If it’s still not lining up, or the QuivAR marker is noticeably out of alignment, contact the QuivAR support team below and send a screenshot or video of the anatomy placement. We’ll get it sorted out and back on target!
  • What if nothing happens when I tap the QuivAR marker?
    Oh, the silent treatment from the marker, eh? First, double-check that you're on the "Ready to Scan" page of the app. Then, ensure your device supports NFC (most iPhones and Android phones do). If all else fails, send a message to QuivAR support and spill the beans on your phone's make and model. We'll help you break the silence!
  • What if the anatomy comes out of the target and onto the person pointing at it (iPhone only)?
    Looks like your anatomy is trying to make new friends! To keep it where it belongs, go to the "three dots" icon at the top of your screen while viewing the anatomy and "Enable Person Detection" (here is a video). That should stop the anatomy from jumping onto your helpful pointer!
  • What products are QuivAR-Enabled and supported in the app?
    QuivAR has teamed up with Delta McKenzie and BIGshot Targets to bring you the best in AR archery. Keep an eye out for models labeled "QuivAR-Enabled" or the X-RAY Series or view them on our Products page. Happy shooting, and may your arrows always hit the mark!
  • What if my anatomy is disappearing or flickering on and off as I walk around my target (iPhone only)?
    Is your anatomy playing peek-a-boo? To enhance the realism of the QuivAR experience, we can enable human detection, allowing your arms and hands to interact with the AR space on your screen. Sometimes, though, the software can get a bit too clever and hide the anatomy inside the animal. Simply tap the "three dots" icon at the top right of the screen (during the AR experience) and select "Disable Person Detection" (see video). That should stop the anatomy from playing hide and seek!
  • What if the QuivAR chip doesn't bring up the anatomy after I tap?
    First, make sure your camera can see the QuivAR marker—it might be shy! If it still doesn’t work, contact the QuivAR support team below and send a video showing what’s not working properly. We’ll get your chip back in action faster than you can say "bullseye!"
  • Why does the AR anatomy seem to move around on the target?
    The "movement" of the anatomy is actually an optical illusion. It can be tricky at first because we aren't used to peeking "inside" fixed objects. The anatomy might seem like it's on the move, but it's really just your perspective (or the camera's) that's shifting. As you move your phone, the camera changes angles, giving you different views inside the target. We know it’s a bit mind-bending at first, but it's working perfectly. It just takes some brain training to think more three-dimensionally and envision the anatomy from different angles. For a clearer understanding, please check out our video explaining this phenomenon. Happy brain-boosting!

Based on your scan (Step 2), QuivAR™ will instantly process, present, and save your arrow/target data so that you can quickly move on to your next shot.


Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 11.24.17 PM.png


Step 04:


Choose to share your data (photos, scans, metrics) to the QuivAR community - inspire others to get out and shoot or challenge friends to a remote (or in-person) competition.  

QuivAR is a place for archers of all types and skill levels to connect, encourage, inspire, and ultimately help each other improve. ​ No matter if you chose to share or not- use QuivAR as your personal 'score card and training log' to understand how your archery metrics are changing with time, gear, and technique adjustments.

Step 05:

Keep practicing and become a better archer!!


Whitetail Deer Grip & Grin

Features Coming Soon:
Scan. Track. Share...Improve.

Automatic Archery Shot Analysis & Tracking

All you need is a smart phone!

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