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Image by Vince Fleming

QuivAR™: Revolutionize Your Archery Training



The Technology behind QuivAR™:

We utilize advanced features of your smartphone that you never knew existed!

QuivAR™ has achieved two revolutionary firsts by integrating cutting-edge software and hardware. Our innovative technology features a *patent-pending Augmented Reality (AR) software engine and an advanced LiDAR-based arrow detection and measurement algorithm (feature release coming soon). Together, these technologies deliver an unparalleled archery experience.


2024 ATA New Technology of the Year

Our patent-pending technology allows you to:
  • Aim and shoot at a digital object placed within a real archery target with real arrows, simulating scenarios like targeting the internal vitals of an animal rather than aiming at a visible mark on the surface.

  • Automatically and accurately measure and track all your shots (COMING SOON!).

  • Visualize your arrow’s path through the target by revealing its 3D vector (VectAR™) (COMING SOON!).

**features / methods are U.S. Patent-pending

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