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Stay Updated with QuivAR

Welcome to the QuivAR News page! Here, you'll find the latest updates, insights, and announcements. Follow us to stay informed about new features, events, and behind-the-scenes content from our Instagram and YouTube channels. Keep connected with the QuivAR community and never miss out on what's happening!

QuivAR 2.0 Launches on  iPhone

We are excited to announce the launch of QuivAR 2.0 on iPhone (Android is soon!) on 6/22/24! This major update brings enhanced features, improved performance, and a more intuitive user interface. Experience the next level of augmented reality with QuivAR 2.0 today!

QuivAR Partners with Delta McKenzie and BIGshot Targets

We are proud to announce our partnership with Delta McKenzie Targets and BIGshot Targets, the leading providers of 3D targets worldwide. Look for the exclusive QuivAR branded X-ray series targets in stores soon, offering unmatched precision and quality for archery enthusiasts.

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